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Vinyl Liner Pools

Breathe Life Into Your Backyard With Bespoke Vinyl Liner Pools!

Dreamyard Pools is the go-to expert for building vinyl liner pools. In-ground vinyl pools are the finest quality pools available to create your design by choosing various shapes, sizes, and liner patterns that can beautifully blend into your landscape. You can add your personal touch with add-ons like swim-up bars for a lavish cottage feel right in your backyard. 


Vinyl liner pools are constructed using long-lasting materials. Thanks to their versatility, they fit into most homeowners’ pool budgets. They are resistant to several factors that can cause wear and tear. Whether you plan for a new pool or a remodel, they are faster to construct than other pool types. They make for a solid investment you can enjoy with your family for years.


Do you have a narrow or irregularly shaped backyard? You can still build your dream pool using vinyl pools! 

More on Benefits



Vinyl liner pools are one of the most cost-effective pool options available. They are not just affordable to install but also less expensive when it comes to repair and liner replacement. 



Vinyl is a relatively non-porous surface that inhibits algae growth and requires less amount of chemicals to sanitize the pool. They don’t bother you with maintenance and easily fit into your busy lifestyle. 



The smooth surface of vinyl is one of the most appealing factors. It is gentle on your skin and feet. You don’t have to worry about scratching your skin on a rough surface. 



If you construct the pool during or close to the summer, you can enjoy your first swim within no time. 



Vinyl liner pools are less susceptible to cracking during Canadian winters' freeze cycle. 

Create Your Outdoor Lifestyle! 

Steps, concrete walls, and liner patterns integrated into vinyl pools are the expertise of Dreamyard Pools that open doors to creativity. There are no limitations on length, width, and depth. So, you can add a plethora of water features such as waterfalls, diving rocks, rock slides, raised beams, and more. 

Shapes‭ ‬

The shape of your pool enhances the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Considering your backyard and lifestyle, you can choose from classic rectangle pools to curved shapes.

  • Rectangle

  • Gemini

  • Lagoon 

  • Celebrity

  • L-shape

  • Grecian

  • Liberty

  • Odyssey

  • Patrician

  • Roman


Concrete Walls

Did you know? Concrete wall vinyl liner pools are the most robust pool construction options available today. Its construction principles are similar to most foundations in new homes. It takes a more sophisticated pool builder like Dreamyard Pools to achieve a perfect concrete wall vinyl liner pool.


We offer concrete wall vinyl liner pools with a lifetime structural warranty. With this type of pool, you don’t have to worry about rusting or bowing of walls as experienced with steel walls. In addition, our concrete walls are insulated, providing you with 65% greater heating efficiency.

Vinyl Liner Patterns

Liners allow you to change the water shade and influence your pool's whole look and feel.


You can choose from a broad spectrum of colours, patterns, textures, and thicknesses to create a custom pool that matches your taste. If you wish to change the pool's look, you can replace the liner with a new design without undergoing a complex process.



Coping has an essential role in pool construction. You can choose from various coping options, including cantilever, aluminum, and PVC finish.


Entry steps determine the safety, comfort, and beauty of the pool. Choose from step options such as vinyl-over polymer, acrylic pool steps, and more.


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