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Express Your Style With Landscaping!

A perfect landscape is a flawless extension of your dream pool, reminiscent of a stunning beach view or a picturesque hilltop. Dreamyard Pools considers landscaping the finishing touch of a pool project. Our landscaping experts keep your pool as the focal point to design the surrounding area as a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors. It is about defining the functional areas, outlining the pathways, and setting the right mood. So, whether it is day or night, your backyard is a feast for your senses.  


Whether you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property or trying to create a more functional and beautiful outdoors, our landscaping experts help you meet your needs according to your budget and timeline. By balancing creativity and knowledge, they identify and resolve problems using innovative solutions, simultaneously aligning the project with the building code requirements and local laws. 



Patios and decks increase the room for your lifestyle. Our designers give you meaningful designs that cater to your needs. Are you planning to install multi-level decks? We can help you!



A water feature can be the centre of attraction for your backyard landscaping. Depending on the available space, prevailing winds, and proximity to utilities, you can have anything from traditional to contemporary designs. Do you want a reflective pond, a meditative trickle, or a cascading waterfall?



Thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your landscape and ensures safety and security. We place lights strategically to accentuate different features of your backyard and add drama to the whole setting. 



These luxury features are the perfect spot to relax in your pool. They are created in the shallow end of your pool with a uniform depth, making a great play area for toddlers. Tanning shelves require ample space and are commonly found in large pools. 



Fences and gates are versatile in enhancing privacy, reducing noise, serving as a windbreak, and improving security. They also make a statement that sets the style of your property. To achieve all the benefits, it is essential to invest in suitable materials and designs. 



Adding a fire feature to a landscape can dramatically transform your backyard scene. From simple campfires to custom-designed elegant linear flames rising through a bed of glass pebbles, they can fuel your soul. Whether you wish to install a standalone unit or fireplace built into a cabana or feature wall, we have endless ideas to fire up your imagination! 



An inclusive and inviting backyard can be the go-to retreat zone for everyone. It gives your family and friends, including the elderly, the confidence to move through the landscape with ease. Keeping your unique requirements in mind, we design bespoke features that blend beautifully with your landscape, including steps, pathways, grips, guides, benches, and more.

Our decades of experience in working on a variety of landscaping projects of different sizes and scopes allow us to provide you with tailored solutions. We apply sound design principles, horticultural knowledge and the latest landscape construction techniques to bring your vision to life.


Our landscaping team comprises seasoned architects, designers, contractors, horticulturists and project managers who work together to provide you with a turnkey solution for your backyard. They craft a work of art that creates memorable experiences that inspire and please you for years.


Turn Your Backyard
into Your Dream Yard

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