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Concrete Wall Pools

What is a Concrete Wall Pool?

Concrete wall pools are constructed using two different materials. The first one is gunite, a dry compound mixed with water in the sprayer. The second one is shotcrete, a naturally wet mixture.


If both the materials are used appropriately, they provide the same result with no significant difference. Once the concrete is sprayed on the pool shell, it requires a curing period to reach its full potential. Curing may take up to 28 days, during which the concrete layer is continuously wetted with water to complete cement hydration, increase the strength of the structure, and reduce shrinkage cracks. 


Concrete wall pools are popular choices among homeowners looking for unlimited customization possibilities without compromising their budget.


Are you looking for a unique shape or multiple bodies of water that flow into one another? Perhaps you may wish to add fun features like a tanning ledge and swim-in-place? Concrete wall pools can provide a solution for any kind of pool you desire. 

More on Benefits



Concrete pools offer excellent durability and a long lifespan. You don’t need to worry about damage due to sharp objects. You can also let your pet swim in the pool. You can enjoy your pool for 20 years or more with regular maintenance and care. It will also prevent staining and algal growth.



A wide range of colours, textures, and styles are available for the surface of your pool. You can choose from plaster, pebble, and tiles to create the desired look.



Concrete pools are a great choice when focusing on achieving a captivating look. It takes time, money and personal effort to maintain its classic appearance through the years. 



They can withstand extreme weather conditions, including the Canadian winters, without damaging their beauty. 



The amount of cement and gravel added to the concrete determines the strength of the pool structure‭. ‬At Dreamyard Pools‭, ‬we use‭ ‬the perfect ratio of materials to achieve optimum strength‭. ‬


Build Your Luxury Haven!

Concrete wall pools give you endless possibilities to customize the size, shape, pattern, finish and more built to your exact specifications. You can achieve the depth you want and construct the pool in any area of your home. We can provide you with a custom pool design that suits your backyard and personal taste and fits your existing home style. We use different finishes to create a seamless transition between your pool and its surroundings. As concrete wall pools offer tremendous flexibility for personalization, it is super-easy to build extra features such as tanning ledges, swim-up bars, steps, diving rock, grotto, negative edge, lazy rivers, waterfall, and more. Over the years, Dreamyard Pools has gained a reputation for quality concrete pool design and installation. We have built hundreds of custom designs and additional features with no two swimming pools looking exactly alike. If you are wondering how a custom concrete pool could transform your backyard into a pool paradise or how it can seamlessly blend into your existing landscape, schedule a free consultation with us. We will love to know more about your dream pool!


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